phytogenic-termekekThis combination of aromatherapy and body wrapping with bandages is the most natural and most effective body shaping method to help lose a few centimeters from the body contour, while you can beautify the skin, reduce cellulite and make the stretch lines fade away. By applying the aromatherapy technique you can lose weight from exactly where you want. This area from the knee to the chest has always been a delicate weight loss target for women. With PhytoGenic’s patented aromatherapy technique the unnecessary nutrients will burn off four times more effectively at those problematic body areas. Thanks to their advanced composition, all PhytoGenic products are marketed as natural cosmetics. This ensures allergy-free and safe application for the user. In appreciation for the above achievements, the efforts made into developing this technology and the active ingredients were honored with an Investors Award.

In the countries where this technique has been introduced, it has rocketed to market leading position in a matter of days and has practically outplace all of the competitive products.


When we claim in our introduction that PhytoGenic’s aromatherapy body wrapping is one of the most successful techniques of this market, we can support it by facts that are fundamentally peculiar to this method, in addition to the testimonials of many satisfied patients. One of the most important of these facts is that it is a three-phase procedure that provides an exceptionally wide scope to the treatments, while it also helps achieve the best possible results.

The pre-treatment part of this technique starts with using the right aromatic oil and massaging it into the target area. Then an aromatherapy lotion is applied to the same area and it is wrapped with bandages. When the bandages are removed, the post-treatment involves the use of intense agents that will be massaged into the skin. Using bandages helps not only rationalize the application of the ingredients, but it is also a major step ahead in allowing the skin to breath, unlike the nylon foil-based methods. To ensure that all treatments will be genuinely personalized, we offer a wide and continuously renewing range of beautifying products. Each body shape concern will have a matching personalized treatment solution. With aromatherapy body wrapping, a unique bandaging arrangement is applied to each body type to ensure that each body will be treated at the most critical areas to give lasting tightness to the skin right at those areas.

Your initial efforts are made easy by offering you a starter kit that will not let you make any mistakes while guaranteeing some good results.

An unparalleled range of skin care products accompanied by your professionalism and your growing experience will provide excellent results for your patients. This certainly also allows the beautician to let his or her creativity soar for maximizing the results.

The beauty salons are recommended to offer a series of ten treatments with two or three sessions a week.
Daily bandage wrapping is also recommended for accompanying liquid diets, wellness and day-spa programs and hotel treatment sessions with excellent results to be achieved.